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  • Architecture Civic Infrastructure Masterplan

    Tide - Membrane - Place
    by  |  21 Dec 2021

    Odaiba third island is an artificial island made in Edo period in Tokyo, Japan; however it has been abandoned ever since it was titled as “traditional heritage”, which must be preserved and untouched, though it contradictorily ended up decaying. This project tries to deal with this beautiful but decaying island, first ...

  • Architecture Commercial Sports

    by Rosalie Dil  |  09 Dec 2021

    My design is a sports administration facility for Westlake Girls High School, called ‘Matakaheru’ with the inspiration for the design being the star clusters within the Taurus constellation. I have designed a visually dynamic facility that encompasses the ideas of interconnectivity I have often felt through sport. Not only in ...

  • Design Educational

    Computational Design Thinking II
    by Carlos Navarro  |  30 Nov 2021

    “Pensamiento Computacional II” -i.e., Computational Thinking II- is a course-based research that introduces fundamental concepts and techniques related to computational design, focusing on time-based processes of manipulation and representation to augment material form. It comprises a series of methodologies to diverge the application of digital tools from traditional visualization and ...

  • Architecture Industrial

    Complexity in Simplicity
    by Priyashi Bhupendra Galiawala  |  30 Nov 2021

    The proposal is located at a strategic site which is abutted by the wallabout bay in the west and Kent avenue in the east. The WERT project is combined with a greenhouse which makes the program complicated. Hence the notion was to break the complexity with simplicity. The design process ...

  • Architecture Civic Commercial Educational

    Mass Timber
    by Nirav Jhaveri  |  25 Nov 2021

    Mass timber studio exploring CLT and Gluelam construction. The concept of “Cracking of Wood” is explored by layering CLT panels to form intersecting beams and columns of varying thickness. Circular floor panels are layered on top of each other and gaps are filled with wooden slats to house HVAC services. ...