Olga Tarasova

  • Institute: Cornell University
  • Location: United States - Russia


Hidden Villa

Architecture    |    10 Jan 2022   

When you walk in Lisbon and pass by the old wall with garage gates you might not expect that this wall can hide a villa. Modest outside and rich in the interior, excavated in landscape and full of light. A narrow tunnel of the entrance leads to the main tall

The Kapotnya effect. Resettlement

Urban    |    10 Jan 2022   

NATURAL AUTONOMY. The residential area of Kapotnya is isolated from the city (Moscow) by the river, the oil factory, and MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). Kapotnya’s territory is “invisible” to public transport, the political and economical influence of the city center. Thus, Kapotnya naturally becomes a kind of autonomous city inside the