• Architecture Educational Masterplan Cultural

    Plan 'Bee'
    by Xii Don Lim  |  15 Aug 2022

    Plan "Bee" - changing "plan A" for a better, revitalized urban Manchester with greenery to reduce NO2 pollution along the A57(M) and Oxford Road, stemming from my scheme response 'The Harvest' as a call and very visible force for greater action from Manchester City Council. The scheme can justifiably use

  • Architecture Educational Hospitality Furniture

    by The Design Umbrella  |  28 Jul 2022

    The project to design shared accommodation spaces, or a hostel block, is located in the advancing city of Ahmedabad with a high density of infrastructural context near Gulbai Tekra. The compact site of 800 square meters is encompassed with edifices on its three sides, leaving a minimal area with height restrictions

  • Design Educational Installation

    Shaping Things
    by Sutanuka Jashu  |  24 Jul 2022

    SHAPING THINGS A journey to explore , through making of a personal object , each one's Identity The world is in a state of chaos. With huge turns of events happening around us everyday it has become hard to distinguish between day and night, life and death, fantasy and reality . Somehow

  • Urban Civic Educational Cultural

    by Patrice ELMER  |  10 Mar 2022

    Atlantis is rather like a vast Academy stretched over 5 hectares. It will host exhibitions, meetings, study courses, performances amidst all the activities connected with the life of an artist’ colony, a gathering of scientists, thinkers, patrons,and student living together for a while, working, searching,debating and taking part in the

  • Architecture Residential Commercial Educational

    by Devanshi Rupesh Shah  |  27 Feb 2022

    DRIVE - IN Urban Park is conceptualized as a mixed-use project. It is an amalgamation of residential, commercial, institutional and recreational typologies, situated in the vibrant context of the infamous DRIVE-IN Cinema, Ahmedabad.

  • Architecture Educational Industrial Infrastructure

    The Green Hill
    by Enrica Agus Klumper  |  14 Feb 2022

    The green hill is my interpretation of the near future service station. It seeks to respond to the site’s and users’ needs in a relevant and impactful way while taking into consideration our climate crisis. After researching in depth the site's social and political context I decided to serve the

  • Design Educational Industrial Healthcare

    Design and optimization of a system for assisted gait rehabilitation with gyroscopic inertial stabilization, applicable to people with motor disability
    by Analía (Tana) Girardi Barreau  |  06 Feb 2022

    Summary: This project seeks to collaborate with the patient in the relearning of walking through the application of a set made up of a harness with an upper guide and a system of gyroscopes, which could contribute to the restoration of balance during the walking phases. It is proposed to show the

  • Architecture Educational Cultural Infrastructure

    Insect House
    by Holly Partlett  |  05 Jan 2022

    With collaborative input from Karma Nutra, this project aims to boost the economy of a small indigenous population in the rural community of La Garrucha, Chiapas in Mexico. Providing individual insect houses in the garden of each property of this remote village will kickstart a regenerative process that tackles

  • Design Educational

    Computational Design Thinking II
    by Carlos Navarro  |  30 Nov 2021

    “Pensamiento Computacional II” -i.e., Computational Thinking II- is a course-based research that introduces fundamental concepts and techniques related to computational design, focusing on time-based processes of manipulation and representation to augment material form. It comprises a series of methodologies to diverge the application of digital tools from traditional visualization and

  • Architecture Commercial Civic Educational

    Mass Timber
    by Nirav Jhaveri  |  25 Nov 2021

    Mass timber studio exploring CLT and Gluelam construction. The concept of “Cracking of Wood” is explored by layering CLT panels to form intersecting beams and columns of varying thickness. Circular floor panels are layered on top of each other and gaps are filled with wooden slats to house HVAC services.