• Architecture Hospitality Pavilion

    by Hitika Gupta  |  19 Dec 2022

    Brief The brief of our studio was to aim towards a utopian era and propose a floating theme park that encouraged coexistence of humans and the marine habitat. While utopian dreams are perceived as science fiction, imagination of designs in futuristic environments, these dreams need to be considered as an optimistic

  • Architecture Commercial Pavilion Infrastructure

    AI Generated Spaces | Foresting Interiors
    by Sneha Dhanuka  |  20 Sep 2022

    The idea began by wondering how it would be like to live in an aeroponic environment with fabric acting as a skin of the structure, letting it breathe just like the trees around us. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the

  • Design Pavilion Installation

    by Rithika Vedapuri  |  08 Jun 2022

    The Pile is an installation design concept derived from the usage of plastic in female hygiene products. The project aims to metaphorically represent the load of trash that is collected as part of the usage of female hygiene products and begins to create a space for conversation and discussion on

  • Architecture Healthcare Pavilion

    by Artificial Territories   |  06 May 2022

    Thousands of inert flying machines are stored across the world. This project aim to express the architectural potential of these aeronautic wastes. Aircraft’s parts are designed to be light and extremely resistant, so we can imagine to transform them into mobile architectures that can be easily transported. This reuse design

  • Landscape Pavilion Cultural

    Site Mirador - architecture competition entry
    by Christina Strantzali  |  20 Apr 2022

    Wandering around the cliffs of the Zavial Battery, one can stumble upon Site Mirador, an intimate space of contemplation and a landmark within the Mediterranean landscape that celebrates the existing ruins. The proposal for the Site Mirador aims to reconnect the existing fragmentary ruins with the non-existing Fortress in a new whole

  • Architecture Pavilion Installation

    Dou Gong Revival
    by Rosemary Li  |  16 Jan 2022

    [ HASHTAG WISH TREE ] AUCKLAND ARTWEEK & KAIPARA COAST SCULPTURE GARDENS EXHIBITION Inspired by the traditional Chinese bracket system; the Dou Gong, the thesis explores to revive this ancient artform through the means of modern fabrication. Without a single nail or