Dafni Filippa

  • Institute: Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Location: London

Born in Athens, Greece, I hold a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Munich, and I am currently completing my Master's of Landscape Architecture (MLA) at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Participating in such specialised and competitive environments shaped my awareness of the architectural discipline, scale, proportion and the environmental impact of my design in its surroundings. In the third year of my degree at TUM, I chose to take a 12-month internship in the BMW Group Design, which mainly focused on reusing existing industrial buildings by transforming them into sustainable working environments. There, I was involved in designing movable and adaptable architecture strategies for the South African region with the main focus on the culture and the needs of the users. I believe that architecture is one of the few disciplines that have the ability to fuse the dimension of the pragmatic and the tangible with the speculative and the fictional. "Built Space" reimagined as a living "Landscape" can be displaced to fluctuate between human and possibly non-human cosmoi. This state gains a democratic essence since it's accessible to everyone and anyone and ready for uses/programs that are not yet conceived. Current Exhibition (19/01-20/02/2022): Sir John Soane's Museum, "Architecture Drawing Prize 2021", Overall Winner.


Fluid Strata

Landscape    |    07 Feb 2022   

The project is inspired by the urgent need for resilient landscape systems which can be introduced into the urban environment to mitigate unpredicted tidal and storm surges. The city of London is directly linked to the North Sea, which is known for high intertidal currents carrying large bodies of water