AI Generated Spaces | Foresting Interiors

By Sneha Dhanuka  |  20 Sep 2022
  • Location:  Queensland, Australia
  • Area:  -
  • Year:  2022
  • Work Type:  Professional
  • Institute / Firm:   Sneha Dhanuka
  • Status:  Conceptual
  • Team Members:  Sneha Dhanuka
  • Supervisor:  -

The idea began by wondering how it would be like to live in an aeroponic environment with fabric acting as a skin of the structure, letting it breathe just like the trees around us. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil or an aggregate medium. With a curiosity of imagining a future where we create breathable spaces by foresting urban interiors, covered with synthetic materials like silk-cloth facade hence making nature a part of the structures and us.

The images are generated with the help of AI tools like Midjourney, a tool which creates images from textual descriptions

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