• Landscape Masterplan Hospitality Cultural

    The Ruby Necklace: A Recipe for Bog-to-Table Agritourism
    by Felicia Nichole Perez  |  04 Jan 2023

    This proposal leverages tourism and recreation to aid the at-risk industry of Cranberry growers to sustain their farms and cultivate the cultural heritage of this native crop. Threatening their land and livelihoods, cranberry farmers are at a pivotal fork in the road, to retreat or to renovate? This framework supports

  • Architecture Educational Masterplan Cultural

    Reclaiming the Lost Potential of Bhiwadi
    by Radhika Singh  |  18 Nov 2022

    The city of Bhiwadi, located on the border of Rajasthan and Haryana, plagues with inefficient agriculture with the advent of rapid industrialisation. The training centre aims to revive the city's capacity to grow organic food by involving both people and farmers in the process. This project targets the declining food

  • Architecture Masterplan Cultural Infrastructure

    Urban Arcology
    by Mateo  |  20 Aug 2022

    This project is based on the concept of Arcology, developed by the Italian architect Paolo Soleri, who was aware that cities were not adequate for humans since they were perceived as chaotic and detrimental to our well-being. As a consequence of his awareness, Soleri came up with Arcology (architecture +

  • Architecture Educational Masterplan Cultural

    Plan 'Bee'
    by Xii Don Lim  |  15 Aug 2022

    Plan "Bee" - changing "plan A" for a better, revitalized urban Manchester with greenery to reduce NO2 pollution along the A57(M) and Oxford Road, stemming from my scheme response 'The Harvest' as a call and very visible force for greater action from Manchester City Council. The scheme can justifiably use

  • Urban Masterplan Cultural Infrastructure

    RiverBANK : Bank of food, land and biodiversity
    by Shrayana Ray  |  25 Jul 2022

    The project RiverBANK is an integrated system of productive agro-based network that lend spaces to community for growing food (at the river-side site and in the city). The main design is at the river edge where the sloppy terrain is re-structured into terraced spaces for the community to grow food.

  • Architecture Residential Cultural

    'Neighborhood' for all - A feminist approach to Domestic Spaces
    by Kinjal Joshi  |  15 Jul 2022

    The house dissolves itself in the city or the city permeates every dimension of the house. There is a constant argument about how the design of domestic spaces and their surroundings affect not just differently but differentially. The idea strives behind creating progressive new typology to subvert design conventions and

  • Urban Commercial Religious Cultural

    Re-Imagining Girivalam - Altering Pilgrimage experience
    by Thenmozhi  |  27 Jun 2022

    Tiruvannamalai is one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in India situated in a very serene, secluded location amidst nature. The Pilgrimage journey involves a circumambulatory path around the sacred hill, temple, ashrams, and tanks combined with a series of spiritual experiences and rituals which helps the user to experience

  • Urban Residential Masterplan Cultural

    Sva - A vision of Self sustenance
    by Dharan Koruduvar  |  31 May 2022

    According to UN World Urbanization prospects, in the past 40 years, the global population has grown by 80%. In nearly 50 years the urban population will reach about 70% of the global (world population prospects, 2006). This influx from rural to urban areas and massive urbanization creates numerous environmental and

  • Architecture Commercial Installation Cultural

    Curtains + Couture - Rethinking the Curtain Wall
    by Raj Periwal  |  28 May 2022

    The curtain wall, traditionally an icon of modern architecture, takes its name from curtains, but it seems to be misnamed, to begin with. The translation of curtains to the modern curtain wall seems disingenuous. It echoes what structure does and is a direct translation of it, but it has the

  • Landscape Pavilion Cultural

    Site Mirador - architecture competition entry
    by Christina Strantzali  |  20 Apr 2022

    Wandering around the cliffs of the Zavial Battery, one can stumble upon Site Mirador, an intimate space of contemplation and a landmark within the Mediterranean landscape that celebrates the existing ruins. The proposal for the Site Mirador aims to reconnect the existing fragmentary ruins with the non-existing Fortress in a new whole

  • Urban Civic Educational Cultural

    by Patrice ELMER  |  10 Mar 2022

    Atlantis is rather like a vast Academy stretched over 5 hectares. It will host exhibitions, meetings, study courses, performances amidst all the activities connected with the life of an artist’ colony, a gathering of scientists, thinkers, patrons,and student living together for a while, working, searching,debating and taking part in the

  • Architecture Cultural

    by Ioanna Papadopoulou  |  31 Jan 2022

    Saga, like the name of the creator's village. The source of memories and images that reflect the province as she perceives it. The nature, the old small houses with the courtyards and the external baths, the public fountains, the open spaces and the alleys, the outdoor oven, the games in

  • Architecture Residential Cultural

    by Joseph Gregory Siml  |  12 Jan 2022

    Reunion shows a conceptual design for an architectural project based on the Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects. This render won 3rd place in the AIAS's In-studio Render competition 2021.

  • Architecture Cultural

    JETTISON: the ur-formal
    by Meric Arslanoglu  |  12 Jan 2022

    The International African American Museum (IAAM) mission statement reads: “Located on one of the most important sites in American history, the port of arrival for nearly half of all Africans forced to North America, the International African American Museum (IAAM) in Charleston will illuminate the influential histories of Africans and

  • Architecture Educational Cultural Infrastructure

    Insect House
    by Holly Partlett  |  05 Jan 2022

    With collaborative input from Karma Nutra, this project aims to boost the economy of a small indigenous population in the rural community of La Garrucha, Chiapas in Mexico. Providing individual insect houses in the garden of each property of this remote village will kickstart a regenerative process that tackles