• Interior Residential Furniture

    S15, Bangkok: A Challenge of Hidden Dimension and Hidden Request of Clients
    by Arkinetic  |  08 Sep 2022

    Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand the embraces urban context. The family of Three looks for some interior design that could offer them a feminine-masculine vibe, which can ease their tiredness after school or work. Since the condominium area is big enough to create the mood of living at

  • Architecture Residential Masterplan

    Urban Cocoon
    by Sneha Dhanuka  |  27 Aug 2022

    Is it possible to imagine a new typology of community, using cutting edge technology with sustainable materials that can enable people to live in close proximity with nature, but have minimum impact and also feel safe? The proposed design, in response to the dense vegetation on site, includes every structure being

  • Architecture Residential Commercial Infrastructure

    AI x Surreal Symbiotic Architecture
    by Manas Bhatia  |  26 Aug 2022

    AI generated symbiotic architecture that breathes and grow: The project began as an investigation into the interactions we have all had with nature, such as appreciating a tree's shade on a hot day, reading a newspaper in a courtyard under a tree, or simply hanging out in a park to take

  • Architecture Residential Commercial Educational

    CDMX Campus
    by Yara Kamali  |  21 Aug 2022

    The site is an entire city block with the northern side along the main arterial road of Av Chapultepec. It is positioned at the edge of the city proper with the park to the west. Transportation in the area is served by the bus depot across Chapultepec, the subway station

  • Architecture Residential

    Culture . Life . Time
    by Sneha Dhanuka  |  21 Aug 2022

    Cross Laminated

  • Interior Residential Furniture

    by The Design Umbrella  |  27 Jul 2022

    Nestled in an apartment in the cultured city of Ahmedabad, lies this innovatively designed house by the firm ‘The Design Umbrella’ that aspires to create a new fold experiment with the discovered concept of ‘functionality’. This compact abode is designed keeping in mind the current ascend in land prizes, on

  • Interior Residential Furniture

    by The Design Umbrella  |  27 Jul 2022

    The project brief was to merge two adjacent apartments into a singular apartment. Functional requirements included three bedrooms, a very spacious kitchen, a formal living room, a family room with a jhula (swing), an impressive arrival space and a study room. The client being a doctor stressed upon the

  • Architecture Residential Cultural

    'Neighborhood' for all - A feminist approach to Domestic Spaces
    by Kinjal Joshi  |  15 Jul 2022

    The house dissolves itself in the city or the city permeates every dimension of the house. There is a constant argument about how the design of domestic spaces and their surroundings affect not just differently but differentially. The idea strives behind creating progressive new typology to subvert design conventions and

  • Interior Residential Healthcare Furniture

    Assited Living Design
    by MINGMING ZHAO  |  26 Jun 2022

    This is an assisted living project for seniors. In this project, the designer will be responsible for two parts, the common area, and the private residential unit. The color, material, and furniture are chosen and matched for the use of elderly people, a special client group. Since most elderly people have

  • Urban Residential Masterplan Cultural

    Sva - A vision of Self sustenance
    by Dharan Koruduvar  |  31 May 2022

    According to UN World Urbanization prospects, in the past 40 years, the global population has grown by 80%. In nearly 50 years the urban population will reach about 70% of the global (world population prospects, 2006). This influx from rural to urban areas and massive urbanization creates numerous environmental and

  • Architecture Residential Commercial Educational

    by Devanshi Rupesh Shah  |  27 Feb 2022

    DRIVE - IN Urban Park is conceptualized as a mixed-use project. It is an amalgamation of residential, commercial, institutional and recreational typologies, situated in the vibrant context of the infamous DRIVE-IN Cinema, Ahmedabad.

  • Interior Residential Furniture

    by Alexandra Mileska  |  23 Feb 2022

    The project includes interior design of an apartment with living room, kitchen, toilet and bedroom, which is currently under construction. It is located on the first floor and it has a terrace. It is equipped according to modern standards where white and green colors with shades of gold and

  • Architecture Residential Civic

    by Katerina Kouni  |  23 Feb 2022

    In this project we were given a pretty small plot of land in Patras, Greece and were asked to design both a house and a work place. The building had to cover maximum the 70% of the plot and be maximum 200 m^2. My house and

  • Architecture Residential

    Poverty Alleviating Architecture
    by Grace Woo  |  13 Feb 2022

    This article look into the more holistic approach to philanthropist architecture by using building technology to provide for the basic needs of water and food that are desperately needed in the developing countries such as Kakuma, Kenya.

  • Interior Residential

    Vandita Chellani
    by vandita chellani  |  03 Feb 2022

    Bhavnani Residence A year back The Bhavnani residence at Gandhidham was actually a barren land with just a skeleton of the desired villa but with the utmost effort, ideas and creativity we could create a life-sized 3 BHK poetry, showcasing a mix of aesthetics on the theme of Bohemian, modern and

  • Architecture Residential Cultural

    by Joseph Gregory Siml  |  12 Jan 2022

    Reunion shows a conceptual design for an architectural project based on the Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects. This render won 3rd place in the AIAS's In-studio Render competition 2021.

  • Architecture Residential

    Hidden Villa
    by Olga Tarasova  |  10 Jan 2022

    When you walk in Lisbon and pass by the old wall with garage gates you might not expect that this wall can hide a villa. Modest outside and rich in the interior, excavated in landscape and full of light. A narrow tunnel of the entrance leads to the main tall

  • Urban Residential Civic Masterplan

    The Kapotnya effect. Resettlement
    by Olga Tarasova  |  10 Jan 2022

    NATURAL AUTONOMY. The residential area of Kapotnya is isolated from the city (Moscow) by the river, the oil factory, and MKAD (Moscow Ring Road). Kapotnya’s territory is “invisible” to public transport, the political and economical influence of the city center. Thus, Kapotnya naturally becomes a kind of autonomous city inside the