Hitika Gupta

  • Institute: RMIT
  • Location: MELBOURNE

Hi there! I'm Hitika, and I'm from India! I am a graduate from RMIT University where I am studied Architecture. I moved to Melbourne, Australia by myself four years ago to study Architecture! I find myself taking delight in the work I produce, and I'm very passionate/motivated, and most importantly, I'm a team player! As you can see, I also have a passion for photography, going on adventures, and living that colorful life! Hope you like this folio of some of the past work that I've done!



Architecture    |    19 Dec 2022   

Brief The brief of our studio was to aim towards a utopian era and propose a floating theme park that encouraged coexistence of humans and the marine habitat. While utopian dreams are perceived as science fiction, imagination of designs in futuristic environments, these dreams need to be considered as an optimistic