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  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Arkinetic boasts a solid experience in designing and managing a number of large-scale real estate projects namely an upscale 31-storey hotel located adjacent to a 39-storey office building, as well as supervising a renovation of a historical building constructed during the reign of King Rama V on Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Our areas of expertise include Thai architecture ranging from an extension and a restoration of buildings, temples, palaces and residences to western-style modern and neoclassical architecture. Besides, we can also provide services for customers seeking for an architectural design that integrates eco-friendly materials for sustainable, energy-efficient buildings. Staying true to our work ethos, Arkinetic believes that aesthetics and form need to hold hands and made available at an affordable price. As such, Arkinetic has on offer top-notch advisory services for both structural and interior designs, along with cabinetry and built-in furniture as per our customers’ varied budgets and customised demands


S15, Bangkok: A Challenge of Hidden Dimension and Hidden Request of Clients

Interior    |    08 Sep 2022   

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand the embraces urban context. The family of Three looks for some interior design that could offer them a feminine-masculine vibe, which can ease their tiredness after school or work. Since the condominium area is big enough to create the mood of living at