By Patrice ELMER  |  10 Mar 2022
  • Location:  TENERIFE, Spain
  • Area:  Canarias islands-Tenerife
  • Year:  2021
  • Work Type:  Professional
  • Institute / Firm:   Patrice ELMER
  • Status:  Conceptual
  • Team Members:  Patrice Elmer
  • Supervisor:  Leon Krier

Atlantis is rather like a vast Academy stretched over 5 hectares. It will host exhibitions, meetings, study courses, performances amidst all the activities connected with the life of an artist’ colony, a gathering of scientists, thinkers, patrons,and student living together for a while, working, searching,debating and taking part in the revitalisation of ecological, cultural and aesthetic values, the richest - and the most threatened - values of contemporary civilisation.
Link to the video:

Urban   |  Civic   |  Cultural   |  Educational

Atlantis by night