Museum of lost crafts

By 11_?????? ???????  |  27 Dec 2023
  • Location:  Moscow, Russian Federation
  • Area:  Moscow
  • Year:  2023
  • Work Type:  Student
  • Institute:  Moscow Architectural Institute
  • Status:  Conceptual
  • Instructor:  Yury Grigoryan

What topic is the museum dedicated to?
Strictly speaking, it is an architecture museum specializing in heritage conservation.

- Why is it important?
Most monuments are destroyed irrevocably. From this it is possible to make a whole project consisting of museums and other events. Thanks to the wide collection and research center, it is possible to develop new approaches to museum work with debris. The project will partially capture and record the process
- What new things will the scientific environment/urban communities/urban space gain from the appearance of this museum?
The project raises the social and scientific problem of preserving the wreckage and fragments of the era. There will be a large experimental and scientific-production base for scientists to study. There are obviously not enough MUAR spaces; just remember the history of the museum of architecture moving to a building on Vozdvizhenka; many details from the buildings destroyed during the Soviet era were never transported. The exhibits will receive a new home.
Describe the features of the exhibits
It is not the objects that become the exhibit, but the craftsmanship itself and the process of recovery and restoration. As part of the study and restoration of technology, a copy of the exhibit is sent to its place, and the original is stored in a museum setting. For exhibits that have nowhere to return, a place is provided in the museum itself
The main feature is the mixing of the workshop workspace with exhibition rooms. Open display of stone baths, carpentry workshop, etc.