Futuristic Nostalgia: Architectural Echoes in India's Changing Tapestry

By MICHEAL MAREENA M  |  31 Oct 2023
  • Location:  chennai, India
  • Year:  2023
  • Work Type:  Student
  • Institute:  ratlab delhi
  • Status:  Conceptual

Through a series of meticulously crafted digital photographs, the project juxtaposes futuristic architectural marvels against the backdrop of everyday life in the streets and slums of India .The photographs are captured in a vintage aesthetic, providing a nostalgic lens through which the futuristic elements are viewed . Each photographs serves as a snapshot of contrasts—futuristic buildings towering over slums, iconic structures coexisting with flooded roads, and innovative architectural bridges spanning over cluttered, dirt-laden slum areas .it aims to spark reflection and conversation on the multifaceted nature of development, urging to question the price of progress and the disparities that coexist in a nation transitioning towards a futuristic vision. a simultaneous dance between progress and disparity, a delicate balance between the future and the enduring echoes of the past .It's an invitation to explore India's journey towards a tomorrow that's as complex as it is promising.