Elze Kurt

  • Institute: The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
  • Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Hi, my name is Elze. I am an Interior Architecture student based in the Netherlands. I have a great passion for design and spaces. My interests include spatial thinking, interior architecture, and interior design. . Critical thinking and problem solving . Teamwork and collaboration . Design thinking . Visual communications skills A bit more about me: I enjoy looking for objects’ places in space. I believe that design shouldn’t be only functional, but also adaptable, and aesthetically oriented. Therefore I prefer to focus on consumer interest and interactions within the space.



Architecture    |    18 Dec 2022   

'Concreto' is a latin word for concrete, which stands as a symbol for a massive concrete structure. 'Concreto' was initially designed to only stand as an architectural office, however, due to its massive size it was changed to a multi-purpose building. Now, having several walls and modern patterns on the


Architecture    |    16 Dec 2022   

'Pine-tree' is a residential family house. The inside is integrated with an outside patio and playground. An elongated structure lets the home be divided into separate sections, making it easier for noise cancellation. Due to the house's height and construction material, and the wild surroundings of forests it seamlessly blends